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& ready

Welcome to Young Levels. After years of research and development, trials and prototypes we are proud to announce our first design sneaker. This line, which has become the direct translation of our mission, is meant to give young people who are ready to take ambitious steps, the perfect shoes to take them.

Designed in Belgium, this shoe was put together by some incredibly inspiring experts of the Luca School of Arts. After being refined by one of the most notorious sneaker designers in London, we choose the best Italian leathers to ensure design and comfort. Overlaid with Nubuck and Suede, this sneaker has the perfect balance between smooth and soft. Padded with multiple layers on the inside, they provide the comfort needed to take on your biggest challenges. On top, these stunning pieces of craftmanship are carefully handmade in Portugal.

On the side, we see the Y and the L intertwined with the design. They represent the complementary value that you achieve when combining these characteristics. Being young and playful while having a professional attitude and drive, you are able to translate an open and creative mindset into something that makes a difference. That’s what it’s all about, having impact.

Behind the heel you see our logo. On the left side you’ll find the Y interrupting the edge, which represents the borders we surpass. We don’t just strive to live on the edge, we look for it and try to break through it. We are critical minds ready to take action and have impact. On the other side you see the L, which is surrounded by connected lines. Here at Young Levels, we create synergies by connecting likeminded people. We help each other achieving our personal goals and seek discomfort. By linking challenging ideas to creative people with the right mindset, anything is possible.

Everything we create is carefully looked after by our team of Young Levels. We are driven  people that translate young playfulness in a professional look. We challenge the status quo and are permanently looking to take ambitious steps and meet inspiring people.